Trey's 1st Baby Tooth Gone - "Snaggletoof!"
July 2008

Oh Boy!


It's July, Trey is 7 - oops, let me fix that - 7 and a half! (or I'll never hear the end of it). And this boy has finally lost his first tooth. There are kids in Kindergarten that have lost virtually all of their baby teeth, but yeaaaaah! Finally, it's Trey's turn.

1stbdayIt was kind of expected that it would happen later than sooner; I didn't get my first teeth til after my first birthday, and as you can see from his first birthday photo closeup, Trey followed directly in my footsteps on that one. [I also didn't lose my first teeth until an unfortunate "run-in" with some monkey bars in the playground behind my school, but don't worry, someday I'll recover.  ;-)   ]

Click Photo to Zoom InOk, first off, let me preface this by saying: no, our child did not get into a street brawl or a fight on the playground (despite appearances). A few nights before, we went to a friend's party, where Trey earned himself a pretty good-sized knot and scrape on his forehead while horsing around with some of the bigger kids.

Click Photo to Zoom InWe'd been buggin' Trey for several weeks to go ahead and pull the tooth out - he was rocking it back and forth with his tongue, and after a while he could've used it for extra storage space, the hole was so big. We/he tried apples, bagels, hard rolls, the usual things to get it to "vacate the premises," but to no avail. While getting dressed for summer school this morning, we finally convinced him, enough's enough, let's go ahead and get that thing outta there. He was apprehensive at first, thought it would hurt (and of course, the sight of the teeniest amount of blood gets him squeemish), but after about a minute of coaxing with his tongue and fingers, **plink!** - there it was. Now he finally has something to put in the cute little wooden tooth fairy keepsake box our dentist gave him some time back, and even though he knows the fairy ain't the real deal, he might get a buck for his bothers.

BTW, the replacement tooth is already about a fourth of the way up, but a row back   ;-) .

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